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Elements of a Demographic Psychology
Our Genome's Feminine Strategy
Earth's ecology is a prototype of a wonderfully integrated, efficient, adaptive, dynamic system where catastrophe is the rule rather than an exception. Discovery of the genome and mapping of the genetic code is not only leading to radical changes in our understanding of ecology. Our understanding of "understanding" is also changing radically. The role of individual strategies in ecology's integrated systems raises serious questions about Homo sapiens' approach to survival and how personal strategies may, or may not, influence the harmony and dissonance of Nature's orchestration of ecology.
The fact that human intelligence rides on the female X chromosome is easily among the most significant advances in the history of psychology. The profound implications imply a comprehensive reinterpretation of human history and radical changes in social organization around the globe. That over four decades of General Systems research program that supports a conclusion that Nature has an affirmative action program turns an otherwise grim human history into a tragicomedy.
The Taiji Connection
Keywords: integration, omega numbers, chaos, game theory
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The Shanghai Mirror - 2 & 3:
Keywords: game theory, genetics, behavioral analysis, personality
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