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Personal Strategies as Integrated Systems

Profile Integration

Integration is,
The synchronization of,
Heterogeneous elements.
Evolution is,
The catastrophic changes,
Of viruses and elephants.
How do you survive,
This world.
By simply thinking?

Unlike products, codes, communication systems, and physical plants, Mindscapes remain in the subconscious. Consequently, Silverington deals with a more subtle, intricate relationship between strategies optimized for individual survival and strategies optimized for the survival of groups. Primary focus is on the synchron. More than simply a holistic perspective, the synchron is a perspective that shows compassion for the individual. The approach is based upon over four decades of General Systems research (Elements) that shows that integrated people making decisions for integrated systems tend to reach decisions based on different priorities, strategies and agenda than those of specialists or those of people whose focus is on a local aspect of a global picture. The results benefit from increased theoretical unity, and a well-developed bio behavioral and information science background. Yet focus is on both the personal and the technical. The program strives for a satisfying balance of intellect and moral concern. A successful result is the brief experience of reality as transient.

William S. Dockens

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